The Group Time Line

5th Whitley Bay has a long and proud heritage from the days of our first meetings when we were one of the first Scout Troops in the Country. The Group continues to be pioneers in its activities.

Key Milestones:

    • 1908 - In December Scout meetings start on Monday evenings for boys between 8 and 11 Years at St George's Church Hall, Cullercoats, becoming the 1st Cullercoats Scout Group in the Tynemouth Scout Division.

'Scouts are expected to be quick and get into their uniform as no work can be undertaken outside unless properly dressed.'

The Troop was supported by donations of bugles by Mrs Burn and shipping magnet Mr James Knott, later Sir James Knott.

    • 1909 - Scouts tracked from Whitley Bay to Starlight Castle and bivouacked at Delaval Hall.

    • 1910 - Troop activities are postponed as a mark of respect of the death of the King Edward.

    • 1914 - Troop becomes involved in assisting with military work on the out break of war.

    • 1916 - The Group pioneers Wolf Cubs in the local Association and Pack reaches 70 members who undertake classes in ambulance, chip carving, French, booking, short hand and path finding.

60 Members turnout for the Chief Scouts' parade at Hillheads and acquitted themselves in an exemplary manor. Baden Powell complimented the Scouts on the number of badges held by them particularly for war service and was much interested in the Wolf Cubs who turned somersaults at his instigation.

Last of the Scout Masters leave to join the war efforts and burden of the Troop falls on the older lads.

    • 1917 - Assistance Scout Master Arthur Carr dies on 28th November in a German field hospital from wounds of battle after being taken prisoner of war.

    • 1928 - The Tynemouth Scout Division is split and 1st Cullercoats become part of Whitley Bay and District and known as 5th Whitley Bay (St George's) 1st Cullercoats Scout Group.

    • 1942 - Scouts saved from catastrophe having been delayed by a missed train connection on the way home from camp as Headquarters off Mast Lane was hit by German bomb.

    • 1960 - New Scout Headquarters opened on Link Road, Cullercoats.

    • 1964 - The Scout Association publishes Advanced Report bringing a new uniform and badges.

    • 1982 - Year of The Scout - District to camp at Churchill playing field to celebrate 75 years if Scouting.

The Group Venture Scout Unit opens to girls and membership grows to 50.

    • 1991 - Beaver Scouts introduced and we establish the first Colony in Whitley Bay District.

    • 2000 - All Scouts throughout the UK camp on the same weekend to celebrate the Millennium, we join with the District for Camp 2000 at Delaval Hall

    • 2007- Scouts Celebrate 100 Years and a joint District celebration camp is held at Elligham, Northumberland.

    • 2008 - Group Celebrates 100 Years with Service of Celebration at St George's, Family Camp at Dilston and Group Re-union.

A Group Badge designed by a Cub Scout launched to celebrate 100 years of 5th Whitley Bay.

    • 2014 - Substantial refurbishment of Links Road Headquarters to provide modern facilities for the young people.

    • 2016 - Cubs celebrate 100 Years and join with 2000 Scouts and Cubs from across Northumberland to celebrate at the County Camp - Wild West Marra.

Scouts Re-live the Troops 1909 Trek to Delaval Hall.

Group Achieves County Commissioners Standard for high quality Scouting.

    • 2017 - Group bi-annual Family Camp numbers reach 120.

    • 2018 - Group Joins with over 2000 scouts from Northumberland at Pirate Marra.